Spa Day Gift Set


This lavender-themed gift set is a must-have for anyone who loves the fresh scent of lavender, which is calming, relaxing, and great for restful sleep. For the mind and spirit, lavender balances, strengthens, and refreshes.

The gift set includes: Lavender Spa Booties, Lavender Sleep Mask, Luscious Lavender Bare-It-All Body Butter, Luscious Lavender Shower Vapour, Luscious Lavender Fizzy Bath Cupcake, & Luscious Lavender Soap Bar.


This gift set includes:

Sonoma Lavender Spa Booties
The ultimate in relaxation and heat therapy for your tired, cold, dry feet! The aromatherapy of lavender brings deep relaxation while the heat brings long-lasting relief for aching muscles. Microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy moist, fragrant heat to soothe achy feet. For dry feet, lather on the Luscious Lavnder Bare-It-All Body Butter on feet and pull on your toasty booties. (You can use plastic bags over feet if you wish.) Removable inserts are filled with lavender flowers and flaxseed. Refresh scent with lavender oil as desired. The cover is cold-water washable.

Sonoma Lavender Sleep Mask
Deep sleep relaxes and restores body and mind. Our Sleep Mask assists by blocking out light, calming the mind with the fresh scent of lavender. Gently squeeze periodically to release the calming scent.

Luscious Lavender Bare-It-All Body Butter – 4 oz.
Slather on this rich blend of Shea and Mango Butter for seriously smooth, sexy, sinfully-scented skin. The butters will heal and soothe your skin while the light scent of lavender will calm and relax your busy mind.

Luscious Lavender Shower Vapour
This lavender scented Shower Vapour is the perfect way to relax when you can’t soak in a bathtub. Simply place the shower vapour on the floor of your shower, in contact with running water. As the tablet slowly dissolves, so does your stressful day. Breathe in the therapeutic blend of lavender. Ahhhhh, life is good!

Luscious Lavender Fizzy Bath Cupcake
This fizzy bath cupcake is filled with moisturizing oils, fizzing action, and a lavender scent. Simply drop in your bath for a fizzy bath treat and watch it dissolve while emitting the relaxing scent of lavender.

Luscious Lavender Soap
A must-have if you love the fresh scent of lavender. This soap is loaded with lavender essential oil and topped with a light sprinkle of lavender seeds for gentle exfoliation.


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