Queen Bee Gift Set


Show her she’s your Queen Bee with this special Milk & Honey gift Pack!


Gift Pack Includes:

Milk & Honey Shower Creme 8 oz
We took our top secret Milk & Honey recipe and created a rich, creamy shower gel that will cleanse, moisturize and pamper you from head to toe! We can’t give the entire recipe however; we can tell you that the added shea butter will help dry skin maintain moisture. The dollop of golden honey will help pull impurities from your skin as well as soften your delicate bits. The scent is simply to die for.

Milk & Honey Body Mist 8 oz
Our Milk & Honey Body Mist is gentle enough for sensitive skin, even delicate baby skin. This alcohol-free body mist is loaded with aloe and papaya extracts for super-duper hydration. Spritz all over after shower and again anytime of the day. It is scented with our ever popular vanilla honey fragrance oil. Mmmmm…yummy!

Milk & Honey Face and Body Sugar Scrub 19 oz
This sugar based face and body scrub smells just like vanilla cake with the delicious scent of vanilla cream and sweet honey! The sugar and powdered milk proteins gently buff and exfoliate while our rich blend of carrier oils pamper and hydrate your delicate skin.

Milk & Honey Bare-it-All Body Butter 4 oz
One whiff of our Milk & Honey Body Butter and your mouth will water as you swear, you’re smelling vanilla cake! A rich blend of shea butter, mango butter, and soybean oil mixed with the ever-popular milk & honey scent. Simply rub this vanilla scented butter all over your body and watch the butter melt into your skin, leaving it buttery soft and glowing.


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