Body Therapist Massage Buddy


A chunk of our Body Therapist Soap and matching Massage Bar is the perfect gift for that loved one who deserves a massage.



Includes: Body Therapist Massage Bar & Body Therapist Soap

Body Therapist Soap
Our Body Therapist soap smells like your favorite day spa! The fresh blend of lavender and orange essential oils will relax your busy mind. Body Therapist soap is topped off with a layer of oatmeal. The soft oatmeal flakes gently exfoliates your body while you wash.

Body Therapist Massage Bar
No need to make an appointment with this therapist! The Body Therapist Massage Bar is always readily available. Orange essential oil is warm and sensuous. It relieves tension and nervousness. It softens skin and improves circulation. Orange and lavender oils are both soothing to dry, irritated skin.


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