Aphrodisiac Massage Bar

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There is a reason why this massage bar is called “Aphrodisiac”. Jasmine excites sensuality and creates euphoria.

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You may want to grab a friend to properly enjoy this bar. Simply rub the Aphrodisiac Massage bar onto dry skin to unleash an intoxicating blend. Jasmine essential oil excites sensuality while clary sage oil creates an undeniable sense of euphoria and lavender eases tension and stress. Use this bar for a wonderful massage or use it as a lotion to enjoy its beautiful scent. 


Ingredients: Cocoa butter, jasmine essential oil, lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil and clary sage oil.


Please note…Because we cannot control the temperature from our door to yours, we issue a “Melt Warning” for Massage Bars during the summer months. We give this warning because we cannot guarantee they will arrive in their original condition. As a result, we are unable to reship or refund products that have suffered heat-damage in transit.


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