After Workout Gift Set


Loaded with peppermint essential oil to help soothe tired, achy muscles, the After Workout Gift Pack is the perfect gift to give to the athlete in the family or your workout buddy.

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Gift Pack includes:

After Workout Exfoliating Shower Gel
Jump start your day with our After Workout Exfoliating Shower Gel. The secret ingredients are lemongrass, rosemary ,and peppermint essential oils. Lemongrass will help wash away morning grogginess and grumpiness. Peppermint invigorates the body, washes away odors, and relieves sore muscles. And we’ve added crushed walnuts for a gentle full body exfoliation.

After Workout Soap
This green, see-through, super invigorating bar of soap is a top seller with our male customers. Try it once and you’ll be addicted. The peppermint, lemongrass, and rosemary essential oils make it a true body tingler. Use after a workout, hike, marathon, or simply use on a hot, humid day. It’s truly a Peppermint Pattie for your body!

After Workout Bath Bomb
Just what the doctor ordered for sore muscles! This invigorating bath bomb helps relieve swelling and is a natural deodorant. Peppermint and rosemary soothe sore muscles and ease mental fatigue. Lemongrass is refreshing and stimulating. All three oils are antiseptics.

Net Sponge
Color may vary in each gift pack.


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